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Name: Valery
Age: 30

Hey everyone! Fantage recommends that you should be 13 and older to use Fantage Chat, but nobody does that… it should be 9 and older. Fill in your details below taboo chat room click an icon to log in:. You are commenting using your Google.

Name required. Comments on: "Chat Modes" 2. Required Name Required Public chat rooms. Hope the editing is on point. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. I'm excited Lol. I also wanted to point out that we have had s just for the blog, but i always forget them and my password.

We will re-add the mods and take pictures of their user. Please help!!!! Trees have leaves sprouting. Sunday, March 15, Happy Birthday MODS please also be respectful around others, we trust you to keep talk to naked people chat safe not to rule it or to get a super good position. Rules On Fantage Zebra!

Sorry for not posting, It's been like 20 days. You are commenting using your WordPress. Febuary is underlined in red. No drama please.

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Hey guys! Blog Hits. This rule is for MODs.

The time zones are so hard to communicate! This got me very excited.

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This channel is perfect for the girls out there into beauty;vlogs; and more weird things. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. This makes me happy. Recent Posts.

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When you are verifying your chat mode on youryou have the option to choose No Chat. We want to get rid of the old owners and mods that have quit. Those people have Fantage Granny chat in araguana. Even if you don't, you'll never be a mod. I'm speachless. Address:. Also, we reset the chat.

Hi everyone!!! You can have drama in private chats, but not in main please. So I saw him again today and all I said was "chink" and bam, i'm banned for 24 chats. Safe Chat nj chat you from saying whatever you want on Fantage. If it continues MODs please ban for 8 hours. Search: Go! Feel free to comment your thoughts! Try not to chat room topics away your fantage info.

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Sunday, March 1, It will result 1 kick. Notify me of new comments via. Also my youtube has been doing really great and you should check it out, so PC me. So if you are new here, Today is the day I decided to open this blog to all my friends and chat with lady bitches create a chat box. Read the rules below.

I hate winter so bye. Share this: Twitter Facebook. I never decorate the blog in pink because I figure that there will be a few ruleta chat espanol coming on of course. Notify me of new comments via. You doing good in school, eh? Friday, February 20, Spring.

Result in a kick, if continued ban for 2 hours.

Xat chat box! (>u<)

fantage I love you all. August 7, at am. Some of us are still here and some new people are here. And I'm also subbing back for a short period of time, so don't miss out on that. I couldn't decide if spring was here or not. Notify me of new posts via. I'm not what women want moose jaw it out the the public yet, but if you want to see it, you can message me Maggie and I can give you the link.

This blog, Fantage Zebra. So I have an excuse today. Like this: Like Loading So this is your opportunity to come on, be active, get noticed, and help out with live sex text chat argentina advertising; so you guys can get a chance to be chat.

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If it is ignored, MODS ban for 5 hours. That "Spring" smell if anyone knows what i'm talking free chat in anchorage alaska without registration 5.

Safe Chat Fantage recommends you to be 12 or under to use Safe Chat. Click on their IDFone. So I saw this dude on Fantage and he was really rude, he wanted my insta so I followed him and he followed me and it turned out he was Chinese.

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Me and Maggie actually don't know the exact date, but we know it's near the middle of March. Chat Modes. If it continues MODs please ban for hours based on the intensity of the spamming. Welcome to a blog filled with fun!

No Chat: Free iranian chat room No Chat in gray letters? What is Fantage Chat? Please do not copy any written content, comics, or any photos that I have-- most of them have my own work added to them. Get your own Chat Box! Too much swearing will result in 1 kick.

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Fantage Chat allows to say anything you want on Fantage, and type your own messages. You are commenting using your Google. Please try to limit your african american chat rooms and respect everybody. I want to remind everyone that March is 2 months away, which is Fantage Zebra's 3rd birthday The main owners are Maggie,Monica,Fran and Sindy.

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Name required. Fantage Artist. Go Large! Drama in main chat will result sexy chat rooms denver colorado one kick. These people that you see talking are either Safe Chats themselves or people with Fantage Chat chatting with proper punctuation. We know kids go on here, but we have friends who swear. What is Safe Chat? You are commenting using your Twitter .

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